A Blogger’s Blather on Boy Scout Bret Baier

The News and Observer, out of Raleigh, NC, sat down with Bret Baier to talk about his “meteoric” rise from a local reporter to hotshot nightly anchor at Fox News. Baier got his start at the local WRAL and got his first break covering tornadoes. The News and Observer chronicles how Baier started at the Atlanta bureau of Fox News and ultimately hosted the Fox News/Wall Street GOP Debate last night from Myrtle Beach. Apparently, in the early days, the “bureau” was nothing more than “a cell phone and a fax machine in his apartment.” The interview drags on and on and never really draws anything interesting out of Baier. In fact. That’s the most interesting thing about the interview. It’s not interesting. Baier has textbook answers to textbook questions and never strays far from prepared answers. One would think that with the state of South Carolina voting in their primary less than a week away, SOMETHING interesting would come of that? Sadly, no. Baier also gets the obligatory question about the health of his son, Paul. Paul has several heart defects that have kept him in and out of hospital visits over the course of his life. Baier says the next surgery is set for after Super Tuesday.