NYU Thesis Project Makes Penis Headlines

The way our mind works, we were more immediately struck by the fact that NYU student Peiqi Su‘s name bears a striking resemblance to a certain Buddy Holly song. However, most of our media colleagues prefer to focus on the fact that her art installation features 81 3D-printed penises.

Notable headlines include:

Wall Street’s Fluctuations Now Tracked by Floppy Robot Wieners

University Student’s Penis Wall Does Mexican Wave
[South Africa’s The Times]

Someone 3D-Printed an Entire Wall Of Penises, and it’s Actually Quite Impressive
[The Huffington Post]

Wall of Wiggling 3-D Printed Penises is Actually Good

This Undulating Penis Wall Isn’t A D&D Monster, But It Should Be

In her project statement, Su writes that she hoped “to provide a chance for people to discuss penises and things related…” We’re guessing – mission accomplished.