2010 New Year’s Resolution Roundup

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With only three days left in 2009 (good riddance), time to make your New Year’s resolution is quickly running out. Whether you embrace or reject the annual tradition, it’s tough not to form some sort of secret pact for self-improvement when a new year is just around the corner. Work harder, live healthier, be friendlier…

Setting the goals is simple. It’s keeping up with those pesky promises that proves so difficult. That’s why FishbowlDC salutes the brave journalists who shared their good intentions with us. For better or for worse (ahem…Jake Tapper), the “2010 New Year’s Resolution Roundup” is now live:

“To stop answering yes when people ask me if I also play defensive end for the Minnesota Vikings.”

– Jared Allen, The Hill

“To know every member of congress by name, face and state.”

– Luke Russert, MSNBC

“I’m starting a cliche jar on my desk. Every time I’m busted using a cliche in a story, I have to do five push-ups. Ten if it’s a bad business term. I figure that either my writing will improve, or I’ll get in a better shape. Talk about a win-win… oh, man, well, there’s the first 10…”

– Jen Nycz-Conner, Washington Business Journal

“The first year of the Obama administration was too hectic timewise for me to take my son and Dad to the new Yankee Stadium, but in 2010 it’s the Bronx or bust!”

– Ed Henry, CNN senior WH correspondent

“Read more fiction. Make time to cook. Stop my long-running habit of intentionally sneezing on other journos’ keyboards when they stroll out of the press gallery.”

– Todd Zwillich, The Takeaway / WNYC New York / Public Radio Intl.

“Less time on my blackberry and twitter.”

– Jake Tapper, ABC News WH correspondent

“To be the best husband, father and son I can be. Also, to not yell at so many field hockey referees during Catholic University’s 2010 run to their first NCAA tournament.”

– Chris Cillizza, Washington Post

“Although I don’t actually believe in NY resolutions, I do intend to be the first person in the Capitol press galleries every morning since ‘2010’ is my beat and all.”

– Erin McPike, National Journal

“I’m totally corny about these kind of things, so here it goes: I want to think more positively in 2010 and be less critical of others. I’d also like to spend more time talking to friends instead of talking to them, then intermittently looking down at my blackberry during our conversation.”

– Shira Toeplitz, CQ-Roll Call

“To survive the stream of lunatics that visit FishbowlDC’s Anonymous Tip box on a daily basis. To not become one of those crazed D.C. journalists.”

– Betsy Rothstein, FishbowlDC