2007 Hottest Media Types Finalists: PR, Female

hottestmedia.gifAfter the jump, your finalists for Hottest Media Types, PR, Female…


Tara deNicolas, Washington Humane Society


Jessica Ferguson, press secretary, Sen. John Thune (“I totally have a girl crush on her that would make Matt Lauer scratch his head.”)


Michelle Bazie, deputy communications director, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities


Lindsey Mask, Press Secretary for Rep. Howard “Buck” McKeon (“Not only is Lindsey a tall, blue eyed, Beautiful Blonde, she is super sweet too!”)


Lydia Stuckey, press officer for PhRMA (“Athletic, blonde and blue-eyed, smart, witty and, well, from America’s heartland if Indiana — there’s just something sexy about those Hoosiers.”)


Jessica Smith, press secretary, Sen. Jim Webb (“shes tall reddish curly hair, think lips and beautiful eyes. incredible body.”)


Pepper Pennington, Press Secretary to Congressman Tom Feeney (R-FL)


Emily Lenzner, ABC (“She’s smart and sassy and of course, hot.”) (Ed. note: Lenzner is currently taking a break from PR to work at “This Week” for a few months. She is in this category because she spent the last year doing media relations at NPR and years prior at ABC.)


Shannon Flaherty, spokeswoman, Tom DeLay (“Smart, beautiful, and fun! Could you ask for anything more?”)


Keri Osborne, Training Manager and Marketing Associate at the The Communication Center (“How hot is she? With her stunning smile and lustrous eyes and her beautiful face, Keri is the hottest young female on K st. She is THE HOTTEST hotness in PR in Washington D.C.”)


The entire staff of Hisaoka PR (“does an entire staff get better looking?”)


Danielle Piacente, Linda Roth PR


Anna Sproul, literary assistant at the Gail Ross Literary Agency


Kara Baskin, a writer for The New Republic and the Development Editor at the Gail Ross Literary Agency (“You know she’s hot when her first book is called SIZE MATTERS.”)

mcconnell girl.jpg

Allison Kaminsky, Communications Advisor – Television, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (“she is gorgeous!!!!! she’s a hottie!!!”)

sarah feinberg.jpg

Sarah Feinberg, The House Democratic Caucus Communications Director


Andrea Jones, ABC


Jade Floyd, Communications Manager of the American Asso. of Colleges for Teacher Education (“Well my 3rd grade teacher was hot and Jade does PR for a teacher organization so I guess it makes sense that she is smokin’ too. And if you can believe it, she wears no make-up. EVER”)