11 Reasons Why Anderson Cooper Would Make A Great CIA Operative


Earlier today, Radar outed Anderson Cooper‘s collegiate internship at the CIA. While his involvement may have stopped there, we think he’d make a super agent.

Here’s why:

  • He’s extremely neat
  • Knows his way around an ear piece
  • Comfortable traversing war-ravaged terrain
  • Can cry on cue
  • Not easily distracted by sexy counter agents (see: Angelina Jolie)
  • He’s good with a camera
  • Looks good in a tux
  • Those blue eyes and silver locks — also signature CIA colors
  • That Yale pedigree: you don’t hear about DeVry Technical Institute grads fending off recruitment offers
  • Fortitude — the Philadelphia Inquirer once said it would take “a crowbar to pry” him out of the Middle East
  • He can keep a big secret


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