Joan Voight

David Melançon’s Splash of Color for Benjamin Moore

How to put a fresh spin on a reliable, well-regarded staple on hardware store shelves for the past 131 years? To hear David Melançon tell it, the biggest challenge he faced when he joined Benjamin Moore as CMO was to dispel the assumption that “paint is paint is paint.” So Melançon turned to one of the country’s most beloved cultural cues.

Historic Trumps Hip for Levi’s New Campaign

You don’t have to be hip, young or a cultural trendsetter to rock a pair of Levi’s jeans, according to Jennifer Sey, global CMO of the Levi’s brand. The company, which saw its U.S.

Chipotle’s Australian Beef Imports Anger Texas Agricultural Industry

Chipotle’s arty marketing decrying factory farms and food processors won awards at Cannes and elsewhere, but behind the scenes, the agriculture industry is fuming.

Jamba Juice Goes Green

Jamba Juice has decided to jump with both feet into the business of green juices, blended mixtures of whole vegetables such as kale, cucumber and beets. Starting this month, the company is expanding its menu to include veggie juices in most of its U.S. stores and launched an online dancing contest to get the word out.

Scotch Brand Appeals to Nostalgia to Sell Super-Premium Spirits

Paul Ross, CEO of Edrington Americas, is borrowing tactics from the craft spirits movement to market his high-end Macallan single-malt Scotch whisky. Scotland-based Edrington, known in the U.S. mainly for its Cutty Sark blended Scotch, decided to stop farming out U.S.

Chipotle Goes Beyond Burritos: Adds Asian, Pizza Outlets

Chipotle Mexican Grill has ambitions beyond burritos.

What’s Slaying the All-American Burger?

Could the hamburger, the long-reigning, all-American favorite, finally be toast?

BMW Moves Into Zipcar’s Territory

To win over trendy young drivers, BMW is launching a new on-street car-sharing service this month in San Francisco. Drivers will be able to rent BMW electric cars that are parked on city streets and return them to several drop-off points in the Bay Area, including major airports.

Conservative Christian Activists Have Some Major Brands in Their Sights

Not every brand, it appears, will get through the pearly gates.

How Do You Find the Right Scream for an Angry Goat in Your Ad?

Getting the right scream for an angry goat in a Doritos crowdsourced Super Bowl spot was just part of the job for the musicians at Tunewelders, a 5-year-old music production company in Atlanta.