Y&R Brands Sees Double for Film Festival

LOS ANGELES Three TV spots by WPP Group’s Young & Rubicam Brands for the Newport Beach (Calif.) Film Festival encourage prospective audiences to “reclaim,” “find” and “get to know” their “artful sides,” according to the agency. The ads run locally through the weekend.

Each of the 30-second spots use identical twins to suggest viewers are interacting with their arty alter egos. In one, a young man goes to a pawn shop and reclaims his bongo-playing double. In another, a woman pulling clothes from her dryer stares at herself in a tutu. Finally, a young man dances with his hipper self, as they divulge private factoids and ask each other personal questions.

“Orange County has a stigma of not being terribly creative, but once you scratch the surface, people here have a lot going on,” said Scott McDonald, vp and associate creative director who designed the campaign with acd’s Christopher Gyorgy, Doug Darnell and Eric Spiegler at the Irvine, Calif. agency. “We thought discovering one’s arty side was a relevant, positive message.” The agency saw nearly 40 or 50 sets of twins, including the women who appeared in Tim Burton’s Big Fish, cast for one print execution.

“We’ve had record attendance, from 25,000 last year to an estimated 31,000,” said Todd Quartararo, the festival’s director of marketing. “That’s a direct result of the ad campaign.” Quartararo said the nearly sold-out event tracks how ticket buyers learned about the festival.

The campaign featured outdoor, print and in-theater ads, with all media donated by Cox and Adelphia cable systems in Los Angeles and Orange County, Clear Channel Outdoor and Regal Entertainment Group.