Why OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder Posed as a Budweiser Pitchman in a Faux Vintage Ad

For new video premiering tonight during The Voice

In OneRepublic's new video for its latest single, "Wherever I Go," which debuts during tonight's episode of The Voice on NBC, the band's front man, Ryan Tedder, can be seen in a fake vintage ad for Budweiser.

Two 30-second spots will give viewers a first look at OneRepublic's new video. The fabricated Budweiser poster is a cheeky product placement strategy and part of the band's new partnership with the beer behemoth.

"Music and advertising have always gone hand in hand, but oftentimes they're not collaborative," Tedder told Adweek. 

Using a faux vintage Budweiser ad in the video—which stars Kenneth Choi (Sons of Anarchy, American Crime Story)—was Tedder's idea, and the brand was immediately on board. 

Tedder said he told Budweiser, "If we do something that is too obvious, it will come off as so uncool and so not believable that it'll backfire. If we're going to do product placement—and every video pretty much has product placement—let's figure out the most savvy way to do it that's actually funny and interesting." 

According to Daniel Sena, head of strategic marketing for Interscope Records, the band had already been working on the song when it began talks with Budweiser. "What Budweiser was doing creatively with their summer campaign was something that [Tedder] naturally gravitated toward," said Sena. "The song was a natural fit for Budweiser's campaign." 

The full video will be available on Vevo immediately following The Voice. "Wherever I Go" also will be used in Bud's Summer Olympics campaign honoring Team Budweiser.

"This song is a great summer anthem, which makes it the perfect background music for our upcoming commercial that spotlights Team Budweiser, our team of Olympic and Paralympic athletes," said Eelco van der Noll, vp of experiential for Anheuser-Busch. "A music video and original content with one of the top songwriters in America is an unexpected and interesting place for Budweiser to show up." 

The partnership between the band, Interscope Records and the brand will continue throughout the summer. Budweiser will offer OneRepublic fans exclusive access to content, including a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the song and video.