Veryfine to Market New Spinoff

Veryfine’s Fruit 2-0 will undergo a deep freeze to become Fruit 2-0 Ice, a dessert spinoff of the flavored water, the com pany said last week.

Veryfine will part ner with Chelsea, Mass.-based H.P. Hood to launch the frozen-dessert version of the no-calorie beverage. Fruit 2-0 Ice, initially available in lemon and raspberry, will have 40 calories and a softer, more “spoonable” texture than Italian ice.

Veryfine also plans to increase its ad spending dramatically from the low seven figures to as much as $15-20 million, according to Veryfine marketing director Kristin Toli.

Fruit 2-0 Ice “gave us an opportunity to expand the brand into the dessert market,” said Sam Rowse, president and CEO of Littleton, Mass.-based Very fine. Rowse said he was inspired when consumers called to say they enjoyed their Fruit 2-0 water in slush form.

Veryfine plans to cross-promote the product with Fruit 2-0. The company’s ad agency, Modernista!, is slated to craft print and radio for the spring. Past print work was tagged, “Find your flavor.”

The dessert will debut in March, and a national rollout is planned for later in the year. Hood will manufacture and distribute the product.