Verizon Wants College Students to Call Collect

BOSTON Verizon has launched a radio and outdoor campaign via Burrell Communica-
tions promoting the use of Verizon’s collect call service.

The campaign is initially breaking this week in several East Coast areas including Boston and Pittsburgh and will run for two months. Grassroots marketing at individual colleges and universities is also in the mix.

The effort targets teenagers and college students and emphasizes the convenience and ease of use of 1-800-USE-THE-VZ, according to Chris Samelson, director of product management and product development at Verizon, Boston.

1-800-USE THE VZ allows customers to dial for collect, credit card and third-party-billed calls, as the least expensive way to call collect. Competitors include 1-800-COLLECT and 1-800-CALL-ATT.

In one radio spot a voiceover says, “Living on nothing but pizza, potato chips, cola and caffeine? Totally acceptable. Calling collect by dialing 0 or using those popular collect calling services? Totally unacceptable.” The spot goes on to say, “Because you can just dial 1-800-USE-THE-VZ. 1-800-USE-THE-VZ is fast. It’s easy. It’s the most acceptable way to call collect.”

Burrell is a Verizon roster shop in Chicago.