TBWA\C\D Keeps Baseball Local on a National Level

NEW YORK To reach baseball viewers for Fox Sports Net, TBWA\Chiat\Day created three television commercials that show fans becoming involved in Major League games.

Each of the San Francisco shop’s three 30-second spots can be customized to any MLB team’s market in the opening and closing scenes. For example, one spot shows a Seattle Mariner fan seeing a sign a catcher gives on TV, then revealing the signal to someone standing outside, who gives the information to passersby until it reaches the stadium and is relayed to the batter, who gets a hit. “He hit that one like he knew it was coming,” the announcer yells. Onscreen copy in all spots reads, “We’re in this together.”

That spot will be shown in all MLB markets, but the opening scene, of a man in a Mariners jersey, can be changed. In other versions, the uniform top of the team in the market where the ad is playing replaces his jersey. The rest of the spot is unaltered.

“With Fox Sports, a national brand, you would never have the opportunity to show local fans helping a local team,” unless you shot the spots this way, said TBWA\C\D associate creative director and copywriter John Patroulis.

The second spot involves a man who is barbecuing when a home run hit by an opposing team lands in his yard. He picks up the ball and tosses it to someone else, who throws it to someone else, until it gets thrown back onto the field. The third spot shows people ranging from a policeman to a waiter turning their hats inside out as “rally caps” to support their team.

MJZ’s Nicolai Fuglsig directed the campaign, which began airing last week. Other TBWA\C\D personnel who worked on the spots include executive creative director Chuck McBride, copywriters Jose Rose and Crockett Jeffers, art director Brandon Mugar and agency producer Joe Calabrese.