StrawberryFrog Makes Its ‘Fortune’

NEW YORK StrawberryFrog here has been tapped for a research project by Fortune designed to determine how the magazine’s target audience uses financial information resources, according to the client.

“This is more of a check-up than anything else,” said Gene Foca, vice president of consumer and brand marketing for the Fortune/Money Group. “It’s a gut check.”

StrawberryFrog will also contribute some brand positioning strategy, Foca said.

Foca said the magazine had no specific advertising plans and that the company had not hired an agency to create ads for the title in the past three years.

Fortune magazine handed the project to StrawberryFrog without a review.

StrawberryFrog’s client roster also includes Heineken, for which it just added a James Bond-themed promotional project, Bank of Montreal and MegaBlocks.