‘Snack Lust’ Is MGH’s Utz Lure

“Snack lust” is the theme of Utz potato chips’ new television campaign. The spots, created by MGH Advertising, convey hot-blooded, though ham-handed passion for the boutique brand.
In “Teacher,” an elementary school instructor is caught flagrante delicto, raiding her students’ lunch bags for Utz chips during recess. It all happens to tango music.
“Diner” is simpler. A senior citizen in a cafe is victimized by the sleight-of-hand antics of a chip-stealing brigand, who finally bumps her off her stool.
“We’re dealing potato chips here,” said Terra Hopson, MGH creative director. ” ‘Snack lust’ as a concept cuts through the clutter.”
Both 30-second television spots begin airing May 15 in New York, Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Lancaster and York, Pa.
Earlier Utz campaigns, said Hopson, emphasized the chip’s limited distribution and “freshness” as selling points.
Baltimore-based MGH captured the Utz account from Gray Kirk Vansant in 1998, when its public relations campaign helped maintain the brand’s presence at the University of Maryland’s student cafeteria.
MGH copywriters James Dale and Betsy Hudson created the TV spots, which were directed in Toronto by Boris Damast.
Utz distributes snacks in nine mid-Atlantic states.