Though they usually have the same number of feet as men do, women own far more shoes. According to survey data from ORC International, the average American woman has 23 pairs of shoes, vs. eight pairs for the average man. It stands to reason, then, that women buy shoes more often—four times per year, on average, vs. twice a year for men. Women are also more likely than men to buy shoes one or more times “every few months” (43 percent of women, 18 percent of men). Regardless of gender, what sort of shoes do adults wear most often? Sneakers were cited by 42 percent. Fifteen percent named boots, while 11 percent said they most often wear loafers. The traditional oxfords won 9 percent of the vote, placing them in a tie with the untraditional sandals. Evidently the casualization of American attire has reached the lower extremities.