Save for Retirement? Soon

If I had a nickel for every American who’s not saving enough for retirement, I could retire right now. In the latest Retirement Confidence Survey, 60 percent of workers age 25 and up conceded they’re “behind schedule” in their saving—including 34 percent lagging “a lot.” Just 63 percent are confident of having enough to live comfortably throughout retirement, versus 72 percent last year. (The study is a project of the Employee Benefit Research Institute, the American Savings Education Council and Mathew Greenwald & Assocs.) Even among savers, the nest eggs tend to be modest, as the chart indicates. If people hope to make up ground late in their careers, there’s a catch: 39 percent of current retirees quit sooner than they’d planned, “frequently due to negative reasons beyond their control”—ill health being the most common of these.