Satisfied With Their Healthcare Coverage, but Not Without Complaints

Numerous polls show consumers who have health insurance are mostly happy with it — a big reason why so many people are wary of healthcare-reform proposals that might disrupt the status quo. But general satisfaction coexists with lots of specific complaints, as is clear from Kaiser Family Foundation polling conducted last month.

Among respondents who rate their healthcare coverage overall as “excellent” or “good,” 40 percent nonetheless said they’re dissatisfied with the out-of-pocket costs they must pay for care, and 24 percent said the same about the amount they pay for coverage. Twenty-five percent said they’re dissatisfied with the amount of paperwork and phone calls entailed in dealing with their insurer. By contrast, just 8 percent of the respondents were dissatisfied with the choice of doctors/hospitals and 4 percent with the quality of care they receive.

Thirty-three percent of those saying their coverage is “excellent” or “good” still had trouble paying medical bills in the past 12 months.

Overall, 36 percent said their coverage is “excellent,” and 54 percent called it “good.” Five percent rated it “not so good” and 4 percent “poor.”