R&R Takes the Bus

LOS ANGELES Independent R&R Partners said it has added creative and media duties for the Utah Transit Authority. Annual account spending for the Salt Lake City client is $1.5 million.

The work includes brand campaigns, promotions and even redesigning fleets down to picking the color of the fabric used in bus seats, said Kyle Curtis, agency cd in R&R’s Salt Lake City shop.

Media includes transit advertising and outdoor, radio, TV, print and some online efforts. The current tagline is “Ride above it all,” and focuses on contributing to a better environment while avoiding high gas prices, dangerous drivers and downtown parking snafus.

R&R has become well versed in handling transit assignments, and recently won branding chores for the Norfolk, Va., light rail system, Curtis said. The agency has also done work for the American Public Transportation Association in Washington, D.C., on the importance of mass transit in the beltway.

“We’ve gained notoriety because we’ve discovered this insight that transit is for everyone, even if you don’t use it,” said Curtis. “We looked a lot at other campaigns and they weren’t building the brand of mass transit, but simply running down the use of cars. Our campaigns are building trust, accountability, transparency.”

R&R is best known for its saucy “What happens here stays here” campaigns promoting tourism in Las Vegas.