Revver to Pay Video Creators Texting Fees

NEW YORK YouTube rival Revver upped its challenge to the video-sharing giant’s economic model, offering creators another avenue to make money off their clips: text-messaging fees.

Revver and BSkyB have inked a deal for Revver’s videos to populate a user-generated channel on the service, called Fame TV. Users in the United Kingdom will vote for their favorite videos via text messaging. Those clips will go into more frequent rotation, and one-quarter of the fees garnered from carriers for each vote will go to the video creator. (BSkyB will keep 50 percent; Revver 25 percent.) Revver video-uploaders can choose to participate in the broadcast program.

“With Fame TV, we’ll give our users another way to leverage the Internet to get their work seen and an unprecedented opportunity to make money,” Revver CEO Steven Starr said in a statement.

The pilot program is another step by Revver to lure YouTube creators to its service with the promise of financial reward. The value of user-generated content was made readily apparent when Google agreed to pay $1.65 billion to buy YouTube, which does not pay popular video creators on its site. In contrast, Revver offers a 50/50 split with creators on revenue generated from ads placed at the end of clips.

Revver was able to lure the producers of YouTube sensation Lonelygirl15 to the service, popular video blogger Ze Frank and the creators of the Diet Coke-Mentos video.