Red 98 Reinvents Boeri’s Presence On Web

Red 98 has created a consumer Web site for Boeri USA, the ski and snowboard helmet manufacturer.

“We rebranded their Web site and added depth to what they previously had and elevated their online brand,” said Laurel Bowman, principal at Red 98. “Their old site wasn’t doing the trick.”

Red 98 picked up Norwood, Mass.-based Boeri some weeks ago following a review of undisclosed contenders; the business had been unassigned.

So far the new Web site appears to be doing the trick. Boeri’s previous site averaged about 20,000 hits per month, while the new site garnered 930,000 hits in its first month, according to officials at Boeri.

Boeri did not disclose its spending through Red 98.

The revamped site uses the line “It’s your head” and has colorful pictures of snowboarders doing stunts. Potential buyers can locate information on helmets, sizing, safety and dealer locations easily and quickly.

“Boeri has long been a leader in the winter sports industry, helping enthusiasts around the world use their heads and have fun,” said Robert Guay, president of Red 98.

“The Web site builds and expands on that strength and provides a powerful experience that immerses visitors in the excitement of being out on the slopes,” Guay said.

“Red 98 has brought our technology up to speed,” said Robyn Hasson, marketing director at Boeri Sport USA. “We’re now able to use the Web to expand our business.”

Red 98 was formed in Boston last year by Bowman and Guay, who had previously worked together at Holland Mark Advertising, under the name Blue 22 [Adweek, Feb. 7, 2000]. The switch to Red 98 came months later when Bowman and Guay discovered that a shop in Los Angeles shared their moniker.

“It’s been an easy transition,” said Bowman. Red 98 also works on Web assignments for Fidelity Investments and Papa Gino’s.