Rate That Country: Faves and Unfaves Around the Globe

Time will tell whether marketers of French horns, French toast, french fries and French dressing suffer any fallout, but the French nation is losing its cachet for Americans. As you can see from the chart below, which excerpts a new Gallup poll, adults in the U.S. are still more likely to have a positive than a negative opinion of France. However, France’s net rating in the survey—i.e., favorable votes minus unfavorable votes—has lost a stunning 37 points since a similar poll last year. Germany has suffered a similar though less-steep decline (22 points). Despite strained U.S.-Chinese relations, China’s net rating rose 4 points from last year. Among countries not displayed on the chart here, Spain (75 percent favorable vs. 9 percent unfavorable), Mexico (74 percent vs. 20 percent) and Turkey (63 percent vs. 20 percent) scored especially well.