Purdy Returns as ‘Paste’ Publisher

NEW YORK Paste co-founder Nick Purdy is returning as the publisher of the 5-year-old independent music magazine as the title ramps up to expand its circulation and ad streams. Tim Regan-Porter, the current president and publisher, relinquishes the latter title.

Purdy left Paste in 2006 to consult and develop a sister publication; he said only that it would be a “Southern-related” title that would probably launch in 2009. Paste also has been conducting tests with Starbucks to distribute the magazine in its coffee shops, readying a digital version of the magazine that’s set to launch in the first quarter, and working to expand its non-print revenue.

“What with all the exciting things going on, we need all the hands on deck we can get,” Purdy said, explaining his return.

At the same time, Jay Sweet was promoted to director of business development from editor at large. In his new role, he’ll work on events and sponsorship deals.

Decatur, Ga.-based Paste has taken an unconventional path since Purdy founded it in 2002 with Regan-Porter and editor Josh Jackson as a way to advertise their online music store. A pair of investors bought the company in March 2005. Since 2004, Paste has been distributing DVDs featuring short films, music videos and movie trailers with the print issue.

In a Radiohead-inspired move, Paste last fall offered people the chance to name their price for a one-year subscription, usually $20 for 11 issues.