Parents Need to Tell Kids: You’re Not the Boss of Me! takes

Amid the long twilight struggle that is parenthood, savvy mothers and fathers know their kids always seek to alter the balance of power. Unfortunately, parents sometimes lack the will to resist. Thus, a Time/CNN poll finds 35 percent of parents confessing they’re more permissive with their children than their own parents were with them. Many more (68 percent) describe their kids as “spoiled.” Among adults in general, 48 percent believe kids these days have “too much influence over everyday family decisions.” When the generations clash, it’s likeliest to be when parents insist the kids clean up their rooms. Heel-dragging at bedtime is another point of contention. Meanwhile, the poll offers a useful reminder that some respondents will say anything. When asked whether their kids are exposed to too much or too little advertising for toys and games, a large majority of parents (71 percent) gave the “too much” response one would expect, while an indulgent 25 percent said it’s “about the right amount.” But 3 percent of parents said their kids are exposed to “too little” such advertising. One wishes these latter respondents had been asked which planet they inhabit.