OPA Poll: One in Four Watch Online Video Weekly

NEW YORK Over 25 percent of Internet users said they watch online video at least once a week, according to a survey of Web visitors.

A poll of more than 27,000 Internet users completed by the Online Publishers Association found 51 percent watch online video at least once a month and 27 percent do so weekly. About 5 percent of respondents said they watch Internet video every day.

The OPA poll, conducted online in October and November 2004 by market research firm Frank N. Magid Associates, found many consumers respond to video ads. About 23 percent of those surveyed said they visited a Web site after seeing a video ad and 6 percent said they made a purchase.

The survey found video viewers are heavily male, with nearly 63 percent of video viewers men versus 49 percent for non-viewers. Over three-quarters of online video viewers have broadband Internet access at home compared to 51 percent for non-viewers.

The survey, which polled users age 13 or older on 25 Web sites, found the most popular online videos were news clips, followed by movie trailers and sports highlights. More than half of those polled who had not watched Web video on the site they were visiting said they did not know the venue had videos. Only 9 percent said they were not interested in watching video on a computer.

Many OPA members, including ESPN.com, Forbes.com and Dow Jones MarketWatch.com, have ad-supported online video. NYTimes.com and iVillage recently expanded their online video content.