An Old Brand Targets The Young

Seeking to update the image of Ry Krisp crackers, which have been on grocery shelves for 98 years, Brado Cuneo in St. Louis has launched a limited print, radio and outdoor campaign targeted at college-aged women.
The advertising suggests that Ry Krisps are filling but provide so few calories they can be burned off by such simple activities as shopping for a new bikini, putting away the box or channel surfing. The print ads compare the calorie content of the crackers to low-fat chips and candy, while also listing the number of calories burned during various activities.
Ry Krisp, which is marketed by Bremner Biscuits, a subsidiary of Ralcorp Holdings in St. Louis, has done little advertising in recent years, with no spending listed in the Competitive Media Reporting databank.
Diane Cuneo, a principal at Brado Cuneo, said the cracker has traditionally been touted for fiber content, which is more likely to appeal to older consumers.
The agency’s ads, which were placed by media service Dicom in St. Louis, will run in the Milwaukee and Green Bay, Wis., markets, concentrating on several University of Wisconsin campuses and private schools in the area.