Not Tanned, Not Rested, Not Ready?

Has the summer left most Americans refreshed and ready for another year of toil? A Rasmussen Reports poll suggests otherwise. Fielded at the tag end of August, it asked people to rate the summer of 2008 “in terms of you own personal life.” Five percent called the summer the “best ever” and 14 percent termed it “excellent,” with another 30 percent calling it “good.” But half the respondents judged it as merely “fair” (27 percent) or downright “poor” (23 percent).

It’s not as though Americans didn’t try to have fun this summer. Seventy-six percent had a cookout, 56 percent went swimming in a pool or lake and 53 percent took a vacation with family or friends. Sixty-one percent watched the Olympics on TV; 73 percent read at least one book. Sixty-two percent played board games or card games. (Maybe they lost.)