MTV Tr3s Preps Multimedia Push

NEW YORK MTV Tr3s, the music channel aimed at young U.S. Hispanics, next week launches its first large-scale advertising campaign since its debut last September.

The campaign comprises 20 spots, extensive interactive content on the MTV Tr3s Web site and trade print ads. Teaser spots break today—but the main campaign elements won’t appear until next week.

Driving the campaign is the desire to alert advertisers that the channel’s audience may not be what they expect.

“One of the biggest challenges in terms of marketers is that there is an infrastructure catering to the Hispanic market that has been set around Spanish-speaking older adults,” said Lucia Ballas-Traynor, svp, gm at MTV Tr3s, which broadcasts in both Spanish and English. “We say they’re ignoring these kids and what they’re doing. As we’ve gone from market to market we hear stories about kids negotiating mortgages for their parents,” she said.

The 30- and 60-second spots are shot documentary-style. They will air on MTV and its international channels over the next six months. Ad spending was not immediately available.

Various means were employed to find subjects to star in the effort, including advertising on the MTV Tr3s site, reaching out to Hispanic community youth sites and running ads on Hispanic radio.

For the most promising candidates, “We used a questionnaire that asked about why they’re proud of their Latino culture and how that blends with their pride in being within us,” said David Grad, producer of MTV on-air promos.

While the spots are unscripted, some prep was done beforehand in terms of creating concepts and storyboards, said Evan Silver, the director and writer of the spots for MTV on-air promos.

“We knew what we liked about each person and what they would represent in Latino culture,” said Silver. “Based on our pre-interviews with them, we got an idea of what the script would be.”

In “Justin” a Mexican-American artist talks about painting a mural in South Central Los Angeles and trying to be a role model. We see the creation of the mural and the enthusiasm of the assembled crowd. At the close of the spot, a multi-hued graphic of a heart is overlaid on Justin’s chest. It then transforms into a pulsating MTV Tr3s logo designed by effects house Transistor LA.

“The heart beating stood for Latino culture and pride and what’s in their heart and the passion they have inside of them. That’s what the channel represents,” said Silver.

The print buy includes Adweek sibling Marketing y Medios. Both are owned by the Nielsen Co.