Monday Miscellany

* Multitasking as menace: Twenty-two percent of respondents confessed to using a handheld cell phone while driving in the past 30 days. Twenty-one percent reported eating and 13 percent texting while at the wheel. (Kelley Blue Book)

* Twenty-eight percent have “reduced their clothing budgets so they could pay for medication”; 33 percent have “cut back on entertainment and dining out” for that reason. (Consumer Reports’ National Research Center)

* An ad-agency study ranked Lipton as the most “Muslim-friendly” of 35 familiar consumer brands, with Nestlé a close second. (Ogilvy & Mather)

* Among affluent respondents-net worth averaging $3.1 million-who definitely plan to remodel their kitchen, $35,000 is the most (on average) they could imagine spending to do the job. (American Affluence Research Center)

* Monthly use of Internet gambling sites by male 18-22-year-olds has jumped to 16 percent, from 4 percent in 2008. (Annenberg Public Policy Center)

* Thirty-three percent are “very concerned about not having enough money to pay your rent or mortgage,” up from 24 percent in February 2009. (The Washington Post)

* Among workers with a college degree, 36 percent wish they’d chosen a different major. (CareerBuilder)