Monday Miscellany

* Thirty-five percent of respondents said they avoid products that list high-fructose corn syrup as an ingredient. (Mintel)

* Among iPad owners, 13 percent said they bought one instead of purchasing a PC. (The NPD Group)

* Forty-five percent of women said they bought shoes in the past 30 days; 41 percent purchased makeup, and 20 percent bought a purse within that period. (ShopSmart magazine)

* Fifty-four percent said they are “less confident” than 12 months ago that major corporations “are making good financial and economic choices on decisions that affect your personal financial situation.” Eleven percent said they’re “more confident” of this. (Allstate/National Journal)

* Among adults who watch TV at least occasionally, 40 percent said there’s more negative political advertising now than in past election years. Nine percent said there is less of it this year. (Rasmussen Reports)

* Forty-seven percent consumed five or more servings of fruits/vegetables on at least five of the seven days before they were surveyed. (Gallup)

* Brand disloyalty is everywhere: 23 percent of adults reported moving “from one faith or faith tradition to another,” not including those who shifted between Protestant denominations. (Barna Group)

* Seventy-nine percent said they lost wealth in the past two years. (BIGresearch)

* When small-business owners were asked what they would do with a “no-strings-attached financial windfall,” 31 percent said they’d pay off debt. Twenty-nine percent would make an investment in their business, 19 percent would save or invest it and 7 percent would put the money to “personal use.” (Discover Small Business Watch)