Logan, JWT Mind Their Elders

Logan Marketing & Communications has partnered with the Mature Market Group ofJ. Walter Thompson.

New Orleans-based LM&C will collaborate on new-business pitches with the JWT unit, a 20-person Dallas shop that specializes in targeting consumers over 40.

The strategic alliance melds LM&C’s expertise in public relations and media buying for the niche with the Texans’ vast research capacity and JWT affiliation. Both shops handle clients that cater to the mature consumer.

The partnership will seek new business in Louisiana and the rest of the U.S. The two shops have worked together informally on past projects, particularly for some two-dozen retirement communities.

The agencies already have a full-time liaison at LM&C’s office. Helen Foster, managing director of the JWT group, is primarily responsible for strategic development.

Among her charges: determining the different “touch points” both agencies can use to present brands in a relevant way to older consumers. “Seniors are best targeted by integrated campaigns that don’t rely only on traditional approaches,” she said.

LM&C president King Logan said his agency will continue to pursue new business independently in a number of categories that do not directly target older consumers, including utilities, hospitality and professional services.

The alliance, though, enables LM&C to expand an important portion of its practice. “The seniors market is becoming more and more critical, and that’s why we feel a commitment to serving the industry with a partnership is important for our future,” Logan said.

Indeed, by 2030, 43 percent of the American population will be 45 or older, per U.S. Census projections. Today Americans over 50 control 70 percent of the nation’s net worth and 50 percent of disposable income, though less than 10 percent of ad messages are directed to that audience, the AARP has estimated.

Robert Snyder, MMG’s senior partner, said his agency is in discussions with other shops to set up similar alliances. “I personally believe it’s easier to grow a business through partnerships with a talented group,” he said, “than to spend dollars to develop that infrastructure by yourself.”

The MMG hosts an annual conference about marketing to mature consumers. “Our goal is to teach people that seniors are not one big group you can put in a bucket and say they’re all alike,” Snyder said.