Legacy Revisits Crazyworld

BOSTON The American Legacy Foundation on Monday launches two 30-second TV spots in its national “Truth” anti-smoking campaign. Havas’ Arnold and Maxxcom’s Crispin Porter + Bogusky created the ads, which revisit the “Crazyworld” locale Legacy introduced earlier this year.

“Mineral Water” opens at the fictional “Crazyworld” carnival. Two young men are yelling to a crowd of onlookers: “In 1990, 72 million bottles of mineral water were voluntarily recalled due to the discovery of small traces of benzene.” One guy holds up a pack of cigarettes and says, “However the smoke from just one pack of unfiltered cigarettes has as much benzene as 169 bottles of the contaminated water. What has big tobacco done to correct their problem? Nothing.”

A second commercial shows a man telling people about an episode in which millions of cases of fruit were banned because cyanide was found in two grapes. At the end of the spot he concludes, “There’s 33 times more cyanide in a single cigarette than was found in those two grapes.”

The client spends $50-60 million annually on ads.

The ads are airing on MTV, BET, the WB and Fox, among others.