Kate Hudson Makes Her New Fabletics Spot ‘Feel Like You’re Scrolling Through Her Instagram Feed’

Features behind the scenes footage

The latest Fabletics commercial might feel like you're watching a video from Kate Hudson's Instagram or Snapchat feed—and that's on purpose. 

Hudson conceived of the idea and directed the new 30-second spot for the fashionable activewear brand, which she co-founded in 2013, after realizing that the brand's best-performing spots featured behind the scenes footage of her. 

"Kate had the idea of showcasing her actual life in a commercial in a way that would feel like you were scrolling through her Instagram feed," said Shawn Gold, chief marketing officer, Fabletics. "She wanted a commercial that really genuinely showcased how Fabletics supports her lifestyle and what her lifestyle is about." 

By exhibiting how Hudson sports the brand's wears in her daily life the company is hoping to show how its products can help its consumers with their lives. 

In order to make the spot feel authentically like Hudson's social feeds the company decided to use Hudson's iPhone to film the majority of the footage; roughly 70 percent of the shots featured in the spot were filmed on the phone. 

"We asked Kate to mimic how she shoots her own content and do what she does for social media," said Gold. "She directed the commercial from that perspective." 

He added: "The campaign is really almost like a social campaign that we created for television."


Executive Producer: Don Ressler
Director: Kate Hudson
Co-Director: Chris Petrick
Producer: Jason Stuckey
Director of Photography: Tucker Korte
Art Director: John Cregan
Strategy Director: Amanda Rollins
Editor: Robert Hacker
GFX: Diana Arana
Production Supervisor: Taeko Masuyama
Production Designer: Michael Hersey