Juicy Details For FruitWise

FCB Shoots Down Under in Smoothies Snack Spot
NEW YORK–Tropicana is hoping to shake up its FruitWise Smoothies via a new Foote, Cone & Belding television commercial breaking this week that repositions the drink as a snack.
The juice line was introduced a year ago in a spot, “BraveFruit,” that featured computer-generated fruits valiantly diving into a blender. The new 30-second commercial abandons animation for live action–laced with sexual innuendo–and is set in a colorful, surreal locale.
“The first spot sold what a Smoothie was,” said FCB copywriter Scott Rosenblit. “By now everyone knows what it is.” The new ad positions the drink, which is thicker than rival WhipperSnapple, as a between-meal snack.
Ads targeting 20-something men and women break in Miami and Jacksonville, Fla., Atlanta, Denver, Cleveland and Pittsburgh. A national ad rollout is due next year. Print and radio elements are also possible.
Shot in Australia with an all-local cast, “Fuel” shows a dark-haired woman in the middle of a road trip between the mythical towns of Lunch and Dinner. She zips by roadside stops in a convertible, bypassing Mr. Porky’s Pork Dogs and The Chocolate Bar in her search for something “thick and satisfying.” When she reaches the FruitWise Smoothie filling station, a handsome “bartender” gives her a Smoothie and coos, “Oh, baby.” The tagline is: “Fills the space between meals.”
Tropicana spent less than $4 million on Fruitwise since last year, per Competitive Media Reporting.
Blended Smoothie drinks have reportedly soared of late, propelled by sales at juice bar chains and Dunkin’ Donuts.