Jones Lundin Beals, R3 Join Forces

Chicago-based agency search consultancy Jones Lundin Beals is merging with Asia-focused consultancy R3, the firms have confirmed.
R3:JLB will employ more than 30 staffers in Chicago, New York, Miami, Beijing, Singapore, Shanghai and Delhi. Like other search firms, the company also has affiliate offices providing services in Europe, Latin America and Africa.

Three principals will lead R3:JLB: David Beals, Goh Shu Fen, and Greg Paull. Beals will serve as CEO of the company.
“This move is driven by the changing nature of agency searches, compensation agreements and relationships,” said Beals, in a statement. “We know that marketers and agencies now more than ever are looking for improved global efficiency and effectiveness.”

R3:JLB will pool talent and tools from around the world, the companies said. Those tools help assess client-agency performance and gauge best practices in the areas of agency reviews, remuneration and relationships.
“Global marketers are seeking a more consistent global approach to identify, pay and reward the best agencies,” said Paull.