JDK Intros Print Push for Burton Snowboards

Jager Di Paola Kemp Design has fashioned an avalanche of print ads—40 in all—for Burton Snowboards.

The effort features a different print ad for each member of the Burton Snowboards professional snowboarding team. Riders are typically sponsored by more than one athletic brand and are used by Burlington, Vt.-based Burton to tap into the public consciousness.

The client, which spends about $1 million on ads annually, relies on highly vertical media—mainly enthusiast magazines—to reach its 12-18-year-old target audience.

One execution features some 20 photographs of the rider Gigi jumping off snowy mountain slopes on his board. Another ad features Anne Molin Kongsgaard. Kongsgaard has an injured knee, so rather than depict her prowess on the slopes, the ad shows four close-ups of her face.

A third ad shows Terje Haakonsen apparently defying gravity as he snowboards down the sheer slope of a mountain.

“The basis of the campaign was to let our team riders drive the creative,” said Robert Paglia, marketing coordinator/creative services at Burton. “When we gave [the riders] the steering wheel, they got excited and helped revive the brand.”

The ads have no copy except for the riders’ names, and no taglines.

Some ads in the series have begun breaking, and new executions will continue to be unveiled through 2002 as the winter sports season continues.

Steve Francisco, team director on the Burton account at JDK in Burlington, said, “We kept the attitude [of the campaign] less traditional and left it up to the riders to convey the message they wanted to.”

JDK has worked with the client for 12 years.