It’s TV in a Landslide!

Where do 18-24-year-olds go for news of the presidential-election campaign? For about one in five, no place at all.

A survey for Harvard’s Institute of Politics gave people in that age bracket a menu of media choices and asked them to identify the two to which they go most often for campaign news. The most mentions went to cable TV (36 percent) and broadcast TV (30 percent). Though relatively few mentioned the online versions of a national newspaper (8 percent), news magazine (4 percent) or local newspaper (4 percent), 26 percent said they go to “another Internet source.”

Fourteen percent cited hard copy of a local newspaper. Eleven percent pointed to radio, exceeding the sum of those who rely most on the hard-copy version of a national newspaper (4 percent) or news magazine (4 percent).

Finally, let us tip our caps to the 19 percent who were honest enough to confess (or were they bragging?) that they “do not use any news source” to keep abreast of the campaign. They may be uninformed, but at least they’re not misinformed.