IQ News: Isn’t It Rich? Firm Plans Über E-Mail Effort

The rich, and e-mail, keep getting richer.
In the latest indication that e-mail marketing madness may be the successor to portal mania, multimedia e-mail provider Media Synergy, Toronto, today announced a 24-month agreement to provide its services to Multiple Zones International, a computer hardware and software direct retailer. The unlimited license is based on a fixed monthly price, worth more than $100,000 per year.
Media Synergy will provide its Flo Network services for targeted and varied e-mail campaigns that Multiple Zones will send to its customers upwards of 100 times a year.
“Our contact strategy is to contact our e-mail customer database a minimum of two times a week with very targeted messages, based on preference information captured on the Web site,” said Lisa Lix, director of marketing at Multiple Zones.
Based in Renton, Wash., Multiple Zones mails about 40 million print Mac Zone and PC Zone catalogs a year in the U.S., and also operates a commerce Web site, “We’re trying to lower the cost of customer acquisition by maximizing the use of e-mail marketing,” Lix explained.
Rich e-mail is growing in popularity-Media Synergy U.S. sales director Matt Gibson estimates there are at least 26 companies working the field. Media Synergy believes its differentiation is its Aloha Rich Media authoring system, which compresses multimedia files and embeds a player into the compressed file.
Advertisers can use Flo Network services to run all aspects of e-mail campaigns using plain text, HTML, multi-part HTML or Aloha Rich Media. When the receiver opens the e-mail, clicking on an icon within the body launches the ad, which can include animation, sound, links to advertisers’ Web sites and the ability to complete a purchase right from the e-mail.
Multiple Zones also chose to work with Media Synergy because of its “e-mail sniffer” which serves different e-mails depending on what a user’s e-mail program can handle. ƒ