IQ News: Global Music One Offers Musical E-Mail

Music-playing postcards from such bands as the Cowboy Junkies and Squeeze will soon be making their way to user’s desktops as the result of a new e-mail technology from Internet marketing company Global Music One (GMO). The Los Angeles-based company will announce today that it has inked an exclusive deal with Santa Fe, N.M.-based Valley Entertainment, an independent record label that has those bands among its stable of artists.
The technology, which GMO calls the Digital Audio Postcard, is a self-playing, interactive downloadable file that does not require a player. Instead, the file can be sent as an attachment via e-mail to consumers who have opted to receive e-mail promotions. DAPs typically feature audio snippets from participating artists and hyperlinks to either label sites or online music vendors. Additionally, DAPs can provide links to places to purchase concert tickets or pre-order albums. GMO has already developed DAPs for artists such as Chuck D, Paul McCartney and Sting. A DAP created for Yes received a 27 percent click-through rate.
The DAPs developed for the new releases by Squeeze and the Cowboy Junkies will feature customized graphics and a preview of the music from their respective albums. A link will direct users to the Valley Entertainment Web site, located at, where users can click through to pre-order the album from a variety of participating retailers, as well as obtain tour and other information about the artists.
One of the key features of DAP technology, according to Ralph Simon, the company’s chairman, is that its underlying information code can be changed dynamically. Therefore, each time a DAP is played it can potentially send a new offer or message to the user.
“The DAP tends to work as a catalyst for not only viral marketing, but also incentive, permission marketing,” said Simon. “It acts as a backdrop to being able to really start developing a viral, permission component.”
While GMO is currently focusing on creating DAPs that promote music artists, Simon said future versions will move DAPS into other categories such as sports.