In on the Ground Floor of Up-and-Down Medium

Captivate Installs Ad-Supported TV Screens in High-Rise Elevators
BOSTON–If Michael DiFranza and Todd Newville achieve their goal, passengers on high-rise elevators will never have to stare uncomfortably at their shoes or the floor numbers again.
The two have launched Captivate Network, a Westford, Mass.-based company that installs flat-panel screens in elevators of office buildings and hotels to deliver ad-supported news, weather, entertainment, stock market and traffic information from various online sources.
Captivate expects to place screens in about 50 high-rises this year in Boston, New York, Chicago and Stamford, Conn. The firm has inked deals with content partners such as Accuweather, SmarTraveler, and Reuters.
Content shown on two-thirds of the screen is formatted and edited by Captivate; the bottom third consists of a banner ad. Each silent image is shown for 10 seconds and the information is updated throughout the day so passengers see new information on each ride.
Advertising rates will vary depending on the size of the high-rise, the frequency of the ad and the region, according to Nancy Jackson, Captivate’s vice president of marketing and programming. Revenue will also be generated from building managers, who will be charged about $200-250 per month per elevator.
Captivate Network will profile the tenants of each building so that advertisers know exactly who will see their ads. Average viewers are likely to be 25-54-year-old Web-savvy professionals who ride elevators an average of eight times a day, spending 30-45 seconds each time, according to the company’s research. The average elevator rider, DiFranza reasons, could read up to 32 screens each workday.
“This is an opportunity to reach a very qualified audience,” said Barry Kurland, Boston general manager at Kurland hopes the content will pique the interest of executives enough to head to their computers and log onto the site.