Greenberg Debuts Spalding Ads

Greenberg Seronick O’Leary & Partners has launched separate campaigns for Ben Hogan golf clubs and Strata balls, brands owned by Spalding Sports Worldwide.

The campaign for Strata is tagged, “Switch … lower your scores.”

In one spot, pro-golfer Hal Sutton praises the Strata ball, saying, “2000 was a great year for me … 12 top-ten finishes with wins at the Players Championship and Greensboro … Did my switch to Strata have anything to do with all that? I think so.”

Ads communicate the company’s claim that, “The Strata ball has more distance and spin than any other golf ball,” said George Spowart, senior vice president, account director at Greenberg Seronick.

The agency’s latest work for Ben Hogan clubs includes three TV spots and print work, and reprises the familiar tagline, “A feel for your game.”

However, unlike past Ben Hogan efforts, which attempted to sell the clubs to superior players, the new ads “are trying to broaden the appeal of the brand” by speaking to players who may need a little extra help from their irons, Spowart said. Ads introduce Ben Hogan’s Apex Edge line, designed to be “more forgiving” of lesser skilled players, Spowart said.

In one, a father and son are golfing. The son has brought his new Ben Hogan clubs and lets his dad try them out. The dad is shown making great shots, and at the end of the spot says, “Clubs feel great, kid.” The son says, “Why don’t you keep ’em. Happy Birthday, Dad.”

The efforts for both Strata and Ben Hogan are airing during network and cable golf programming; print ads will appear in various consumer and specialty publications. Overall spending is $17 million.

Greenberg Seronick handles ads for all of Chicopee, Mass.-based Spalding’s golf brands, including Etonic, Dudley and Top Flite. Spalding assigned Greenberg Seronick the work in 1999.