GMC Trumpets Envoy with New TV Ad

NEW YORK–GMC will air a new TV spot next week for its Envoy mid-sized SUV, under the purview of its “We are professional grade” brand tag. The 30-second commercial, via Lowe Lintas, New York, touts the fact that Envoy has just been awarded Motor Trend’s prestigious 2002 Truck of the Year award.

The spot for GM’s truck unit follows a print campaign that broke earlier this month and will be supported by dealer programs, point-of-purchase materials and auto-show promotions. The Envoy XL will launch next spring.

The ad features Louis Armstrong’s rendition of “Who Has the Last Laugh Now,” with teaser shots of Envoy. This is an unusual tack for Lowe Lintas, given the straight-ahead approach the agency usually takes for GMC “professional grade” spots, which focus on technical feats and real engineers in the driver’s seat.

“It’s got a sophisticated flavor, to make people think, at first, they might be viewing a spot for Mercedes, or Lexus,” said Mark-Hans Richer, GMC’s director of advertising and sales promotion. He added that Envoy sales statistics suggest GMC is getting trade-ins from owners of Mercedes, Lexus and other luxury nameplates.