Garelick Farms Breaks New Ads

Family-themed scenarios, understated humor and a pint-sized spokescharacter called “The Milkman” are elements of Connelly Partners’ newest work for regional dai ry Gar e lick Farms.

One TV spot shows a man walking into his kitchen after a hard day at work. He sinks down into a chair and rubs his eyes. His daughter, listening to her Walkman while doing homework at the table, silently slides a glass of chocolate milk to her father. Dad smiles and takes a drink.

Another commercial shows a pregnant mother sipping a glass of milk. Her young son points to her stomach and asks, “What’s he doing in there?” She replies, “He’s drinking milk, honey.” The boy then runs over and grabs a baseball and gives it to his mom. She asks him what it’s for, and he says, “So he has something to play with in there.”

Radio spots in the campaign use a little boy called “The Milkman,” whose catchphrases include, “My mom doesn’t like fresh kids, but she likes fresh cream.”

The tagline “Add something” is retained from previous campaigns. The effort began rolling out last week in New England and upstate New York markets. The client spends $3-4 million annually on ads.

TV efforts focus on “moments that happen around Garelick products,” said Steve Connelly, president, chief creative officer at the Boston agency. “Our job has been to paint those moments and build brand affinity.”

The spots were also designed to “increase awareness in the outskirts of New England,” said Mike Touhey, director of brand marketing at Garelick Farms in Franklin, Mass.

Separately, Connelly Partners has opened an office in Maplewood, N.J., to prospect for new business and service New York-area accounts. The two-person outpost is led by Kevin Rhodes, who worked with Connelly in the 1990s at Boston agency Ingalls. Despite the sagging economy, Connelly Partners has enjoyed a steady flow of work lately, including projects for Staples and Reebok.