Face Life Without A Double Boiler?

Today’s errant husband is less likely to be clouted with a rolling pin by his wife. So we intuit after studying the NPD Kitchen Audit. Like other implements (see the chart), rolling pins are less a fixture than in the past, gracing 79 percent of kitchens in 2002, vs. 85 percent in 1993. This reflects the trend toward convenience foods. Where kitchen tools are more popular, it’s usually because they suit today’s short-cut cuisine. NPD says kitchen shears gained ground because folks use them “to open all the frozen or ready-made packages.” This pattern extends to the foods people stock. While garlic has become scarcer (in 32 percent of kitchens, vs. 49 percent in 1993), refrigerated cookie dough is now more of a staple (up to 23 percent from 5 percent). Thirty percent of dinners made at home include some frozen food, which helps explain why 68 percent of kitchens “have freezers that are three-quarters full or more,” vs. 63 percent in 1996.