Duracell Treks Into the Amazon

BOSTON Duracell this week launches a new spot via the Acme Idea Co. set in the Amazon rain forest as part of its “Trusted everywhere” campaign, the client said.

The new ad features the work of the Amazon Conservation Team, a nonprofit environmental organization that partners with indigenous peoples to map and improve the protection of endangered lands. The spot juxtaposes native communities using a Duracell battery-powered GPS mapping system and a teacher using a battery-powered laser pointer while educating her class about the rain forest. The strategy aims to show that everything important to consumers will work with a Duracell battery.

“Duracell is honored to partner with the Amazon Conservation Team to help illustrate the importance of understanding and protecting our world’s natural environments,” said Mark Bertolami, vice president of marketing at Duracell in Bethel, Conn., in a statement. “It is truly amazing that modern technology is reaching the farthest corners of the earth to protect the world we know. We’re glad our batteries are a part of that.”

The 30-second commercial from the independent shop in Norwalk, Conn., will air on network and cable shows and marks the ninth spot in the battery marketer’s four-year “Trusted everywhere” campaign.

“We are proud to partner with Duracell to create this commercial,” said Dr. Mark Plotkin, president of the Amazon Conservation Team, in a statement. “It is our hope that it will not only raise awareness of the need for environmental protection and conservation, but will also help to communicate how technology can help to advance our efforts in the field.”

In 2004, Duracell spent $88 million on ads and $30 million in the first half of 2005, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.