DiMassimo, Carr Agree to Part Ways

NEW YORK Chief strategy officer and managing partner Nigel Carr will leave DiMassimo Carr Brand Advocates after almost nine months at the New York independent, the agency confirmed.

“The bottom line with Nigel is that the advertising worked, but we decided that it didn’t make sense to be partners,” said agency CEO Mark DiMassimo. “He’s still working here now, but we’re headed for an amicable split.”

DiMassimo said he has bought out Carr’s stake in the agency, which was less than 10 percent, and is going forward with plans to move into a new space next month. A final day has not been set for Carr. It is unclear what name the shop will take in his absence.

“I think we did some good work together, but essentially the business wasn’t large enough to sustain two senior people,” said Carr. “We won some nice accounts, but last year was a tough year for the business.”

DiMassimo Carr Brand Advocates employs 30 people and claims billings of $50 million. Last year, the agency picked up the Joseph Abboud account and work for Belgian brewer Duvel.

Carr, 49, joined the shop in June following his ouster from Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners West. Carr, former managing director of the San Francisco office of that MDC Partners shop, worked with DiMassimo at KB+P in New York during the early and mid-1990s.

Carr said he would likely stay in New York, and has taken on some consulting work. “I really enjoyed focusing 100 percent on planning and I think that’s what I will do next,” he said.