Diet Pepsi Can Gets Star Treatment

NEW YORK P. Diddy, Jackie Chan, Jay Mohr and the Diet Pepsi can are the stars of PepsiCo’s three commercials that will play on Super Bowl XL on Feb. 5, the beverage maker said today.

Two Diet Pepsi ads by DDB in New York, 60- and 30-second spots, present the Diet Pepsi can as though it is a celebrity. In “Hip-Hop Can,” P. Diddy creates a new rap song with the container, called “Brown and Bubbly,” that is a big success. “He’s fresh, he’s new, the ladies love him, I got to have him signed to the label,” P. Diddy says. “You know you want it, you know you love it” are some song lyrics, which the Diet Pepsi container accompanies with the “whoosh” of a can opening.

In “Stunt Can,” Jackie Chan co-stars with the container in an action movie. In both spots, actor Jay Mohr acts as the can’s agent. In this 30-second ad, Mohr insists that the Diet Pepsi can get a stunt double. Tagline remains, “Light. Crisp. Refreshing.” Joe Pytka directed both spots.

There also will be a Sierra Mist ad during the Super Bowl telecast, but the Purchase, N.Y.-based client declined to give creative details of the spot, by BBDO in New York.

This year’s game marks the 20th consecutive Super Bowl that Pepsi has been an advertiser. Its spots will air during the first and second quarters of the game.