D’arcy Masius Benton & Bowles Crafts A New Corporate Identity Campaign For Dow Chemical

DETROIT – D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles introduces a new tagline for Dow Chemical Co. in an $8 million TV campaign breaking today.
The new theme, “What good thinking can do,” suggests the positive impact Dow’s application of science has on consumers’ quality of life, said Gary Horton, chief creative officer of the Troy, Mich.-based agency. It replaces the longtime line, “Dow lets you do great things.”
When the previous slogan was tested, consumers weren’t sure what it meant, said Doug Draper, Dow corporate publicity manager. Only about 5 percent of audience members remembered the slogan, he added.
The campaign – which includes a 60-second spot and two 30-second spots – marks a return to TV advertising for the Midland, Mich.-based company after a hiatus of several years, Draper said. The company has been focusing on print media to target more specific markets, he said.
The TV spots, however, help communicate the dedication of Dow employees to creating beneficial products. The spots show a montage of scenes alternating between Dow scientists and researchers at work and the people around the world who benefit from their efforts. Images are set to an original song, “Just a Thought, Just a Word.” The new themeline is superimposed on the screen as the final image.
“The scenes have a surrealistic feel, but at the same time are warm and friendly,” Horton said. “The advertising makes you think about what life would be like without ‘thinking’ companies like Dow.”
Dow has been scaling back its corporate advertising, reducing the budget from $13 million in 1992 to about $2 million last year, according to Draper. But, with the new campaign, the company will be “more aggressive” this year, he said.
The campaign will air on network prime, evening news, early morning information programs and network cable.