Clarke Goward Markets Maternity Product

BOSTON Clarke Goward targets active moms in a print campaign for Blis, a product for lactating women that is designed to prevent milk from leaking onto clothing.

“Blis is very different from any other product that’s on the market,” said Wendy Kramer, president of Prolac, maker of Blis. “With the print campaign, we wanted something non-traditional and creative, because that reflects the personality of Blis.”

Colorful print ads depict playful illustrations of women doing everyday activities such as shopping, exercise and socializing. One execution shows a woman performing a yoga pose with the headline, “Pressure is really the only way to stop the flow of breast milk. Of course, what would a new mother know about pressure?” Partial copy reads, “Pressure is being trapped in the middle of the mall with a crying, wet baby and breast milk leaking through your clothes. Fortunately, there’s Blis. It’s a safe, discreet and comfortable alternative to nursing pads. And most important, it works.”

In another ad a woman is seen pushing a baby carriage. The headline reads, “Nine months of pregnancy. Thirty hours of labor. And every time a baby cries you have to change your shirt. Are we sure Mother Nature is really a woman?” A third execution pictures a woman out with friends. The headline states, “And to think there was a time when you padded your bra because you wanted people to notice you.” The campaign is tagged, “More than just a nursing pad.”

“It’s a really interesting product,” said Julie Rosso, vice president, management supervisor at the Boston agency. “Our goal was to target new moms wanting to get back to [their] active lifestyles, like going to work.” At the same time, however, they did not want to alienate moms who choose to stay home, Rosso noted.

The ads are running in a variety of women’s magazines including Pregnancy, Child and Working Mother.

Prolac is headquartered in Skaneateles, N.Y.