Clarke Goward Intros First Proclear Print Work

Extreme close-ups of eyes are used in Clarke Goward’s first consumer ads for Proclear.

In one execution, the copy, which appears in the center of the pupil, reads, “Over time you get used to contacts irritating your eyes. Of course, over time you get used to dogs wearing little sweaters, but that still doesn’t make it right.” The ad concludes, “Contacts have always irritated your eyes, so you figured that’s just the way it is. Well, not with Proclear Compatibles. Our lens material is designed to surround itself with water to stay moist. The result is all-day comfort and crisp, clear vision.”

The ads “took the idea that people accept that by 5:00 their contacts will be dried out” and put a humorous twist on it, according to Jim Amadeo, senior vice president/creative director at the Boston agency. Ads target consumers aged 18-39.

“Nothing interesting is being done [in the contact lens category],” Amadeo said. “We wanted to do something visually and conceptually interesting.” Another execution reads, “When your contacts irritate your eyes, you remove them. The next day, you put them back in. Either you have a really bad memory or you need a better alternative.”

The client claims to manufacture lenses that “feel at home in the eye,” according to Christine Labaree, marketing manager at Nashua, N.H.-based Biocompatibles Eyecare, the company that makes Proclear lenses.

“Our contacts contain lipids that are also found in cells—so they don’t dry out as easily [as other contacts],” Labaree said. “We feel that we have a compelling message to bring to the consumers. We told Clarke Goward [the ads] needed to break the boredom bar-rier … I think they did an incredible job.”

The campaign, which also includes radio spots, is Proclear’s first significant foray into consumer advertising. Executions are being tested in three markets: Minneapolis; Charlotte, N.C.; and Philadelphia. The test flight, budgeted in the six figures, will end in August, with a national rollout possible by year’s end.

Print ads will appear in publications such as People, Bon Appetit and Elle Decor. Clarke Goward, which has worked with Proclear for more than three years, previously executed trade campaigns.