Chevy Broadens Use of ‘We’ll Be There’ Tagline

General Motors’ Chev-rolet division will use its “We’ll be there” tagline for all car models this year to strengthen perceptions of the brand’s reliability.

Chevrolet introduced the tagline, which replaced “Genuine Chevrolet,” in September 1999, but used it mainly for division-wide car ads. Each vehicle line retained its own tagline.

Stretching the tagline for a campaign across all nameplates is intended to reinforce the dependability of all Chevy cars, similar to the Chevy Truck “Like a rock” tagline, said Jim Jandasek, Chevrolet director of advertis-ing/promotion, passenger cars.

A 60-second spot entitled “Anthem” broke Saturday during the NFL broadcast. The spot features a scrolling odometer along the bottom of each scene, which will be used in all upcoming executions, said Bill Ludwig, vice chairman and chief creative officer of Campbell-Ewald Advertising, Warren, Mich., which handles Chevy. Creative takes a “likeable, irreverent” tone and showcases the “ubiquitous nature of the Chevy brand and the bond it has with America,” Ludwig said.

The spot starts with the odometer set to all zeros and then changes to reflect the mood of each pivotal life moment, from childhood through adulthood, including “Freedom,” which shows a teen getting his driver’s license and “Sick Day,” which shows a bunch of adults playing hooky from work and cruising in a Chevy.

The final three frames include the words “Always” and “Dependable” on the odometer before switching to 24/7/365. The final frame is the Chevy logo with “We’ll be there” superimposed on the screen. The background music throughout the spot is “When it rains” from The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Future spots for each of the nameplates will focus on moments that are relevant to each vehicle’s target customer, Ludwig said.