Buick Unveils More Inclusive Tag

As Buick gets ready to introduce the first truck to join its lineup of sedans in more than 80 years, executives have ordered a new tagline from lead agency McCann-Erickson.

Buick’s tag since 1998, “Isn’t it time for a real car?” has been replaced with the pop culture benediction, “It’s all good.”

The General Motors division is also doing away with individual taglines for each model. Future ads will employ the new tag, said Garry Neel, managing director of McCann’s Troy, Mich., office.

The automaker, in new TV spots, is striving for a more contemporary look and feel for the brand in hopes of gaining the attention of younger buyers who currently wouldn’t consider a Buick, Neel said. The division is unveiling the Rendezvous, a sport utility vehicle, later this year.

A spot for the Buick Century that broke last week is the first execution under the new tag. The spot opens with a slowed-down, psychedelic version of the song “Pennies from Heaven.” A young couple drives a Century through a shower of copper pennies that turn to rain when they hit the car. They catch the pennies in an oversized coffee mug, later dumping them in the toll booth basket. The slowed images appear surreal.

Graphics emphasize the car’s features, including oversized cup holders, traction control and a standard V-6 engine. The voiceover says, “A luxury car you can afford, that’s our idea of heaven.”

The new tag was tested with current Buick owners, whose average age is 62, even though it is intended to draw a much younger demographic. “The last thing we want to do is alienate traditional Buick buyers, but we have to start making Buick more relevant to a younger target,” Neel said.

The tag refers to the quality of the Buick lineup, but also is intended to capture the mindset of the target audience, he said. “These are boomers hitting their stride. In many ways, their life is all good.”

Other campaigns under the “It’s all good” umbrella will follow throughout the summer, including the campaign for new Rendezvous and a divisional spot showcasing all Buicks.

Buick spent $250 million on advertising in 2000, according Competitive Media Reporting, of which about $70 million was allocated to the Century.